Grounded Ingredients

Transparent sourcing for ethical brands
 Fair prices for regenerative producers 

Simplified sourcing for ethical brands

Simple, customised sourcing for brands of every size 

Regeneratively cultivated and sustainably wild harvested ingredients

Regeneratively cultivated and sustainably wild harvested ingredients

Full transparency and 100% traceability

Full transparency and 100% traceability

How sourcing with us works

We focus on sourcing high value, non-perishable ingredients for brands invested in responsible sourcing. 

We currently offer two sourcing models: for South African brands seeking ingredients in smaller bulk volumes, traceable and regeneratively-produced ingredients are available from our online shop. For brands seeking larger volumes, we offer custom sourcing partnerships. In this model, Grounded Ingredients locates traceable, regenerative sources for your specific ingredient needs. Our comprehensive list of ingredients available for direct shipment can be found here. We offer this service worldwide, and can arrange delivery on your terms. We are currently piloting this model with brands in the European Union, North America, and Africa.

Contact us with your sourcing requests—we would love to take the load of responsible sourcing off your shoulders.

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Our story

Grounded was founded by two friends who realised that a better world is possible through regenerative agriculture. With a shared vision for sustainable farming, the two teamed up to help producers restore their soils, promote fairer economies and create more robust food systems.

Grounded Ingredients is a marketplace for wild and cultivated natural goods, sourced equitably from producers committed to regenerative farming and sustainable wild harvesting.


Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is a way of farming that goes beyond organic and sustainable principles, aiming to move from degradation to restoration. In this model, the farmer, the soil and biodiversity all grow richer.

We source from farmers who nurture their soil, in turn reducing chemical use, saving water, and helping combat climate change.


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