Sourcing partnerships

Grounded Ingredients bridges the gap between brands invested in ethical sourcing and regenerative producers in Africa by offering customised sourcing for companies of every size. We focus on supplying non-perishable, high-value ingredients to brands committed to responsible sourcing.

For brands seeking larger volumes, we offer direct sourcing partnerships for custom portfolios of traceable, regenerative ingredients sourced according to each brand's needs. We deliver this service worldwide and are currently piloting the model with brands in Europe, North America, and Africa.

After two years of operating out of South Africa, we are graduating to the next phase and setting up shop in Europe. View the ingredients we will initially stock in Europe here.

Our more comprehensive list of ingredients will remain available for direct shipment. These ingredients will be included in our EU portfolio in time, but are for now available in larger volumes delivered directly to your door.

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We strive to offer 100% transparency and traceability to both the producer companies from whom we source and our customers. We implement a set of Sourcing Guidelines with all our producer companies, visiting farms and processing facilities, and work together for on-the-ground improvement. We offer producer support where useful, in the form of certification, export and regenerative agriculture support.

We currently source 45 regeneratively-produced ingredients from sixteen producer companies in Africa. Our ingredient list includes teas, herbal teas, essential oils, spices, dried roots, herbs and fruit. This list is always growing, and we specialise in finding regenerative sources for your specific needs — so if you are looking for an ingredient that is not yet on our list, please contact us.

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Contact us with your sourcing requests—we would love to take the load of responsible sourcing off your shoulders.

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