Sourcing partnerships

Grounded Ingredients bridges the gap between conscious brands and regenerative producers in Africa by offering simple, customised sourcing for brands of every size. We focus on supplying high value, non-perishable ingredients to brands committed to responsible sourcing.

For brands seeking larger volumes, we offer custom sourcing partnerships which consist of a tailor-made portfolio of traceable, regenerative ingredients sourced according to your specific needs. We deliver this service worldwide, and can arrange delivery on your terms. We are currently piloting this model with brands in Europe, North America, and Africa.

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Since 2019 we have been scouring Africa for regeneratively produced ingredients and can currently supply 47 ingredients from 17 regenerative producers. Our ingredient list is ever growing, and we specialise in finding regenerative sources for your specific needs. So if that elusive ingredient you are trying to source ethically and sustainably does not appear on our list, please contact us and we will find it.

Our current ingredient list consists of a wide range of teas, herbal teas, spices (whole and ground), roots, dried herbs, dried fruit, beeswax, carrier oils and essential oils. Currently we offer delivery to your door for large orders, but we can negotiate any shipping or delivery terms.

We strive to offer 100% transparency and traceability with both producers and our customers. We implement a set of Sourcing Guidelines with all our producers, we visit their production facilities and farms in person, and we work together to improve where it is needed. We offer producer support if it is required by producers, in the form of regenerative agricultural, certification and export requirement support.

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Contact us with your sourcing requests—we would love to take the load of responsible sourcing off your shoulders.

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