Organic rose geranium essential oil

Organic rose geranium essential oil
Organic rose geranium essential oil
Organic rose geranium essential oil

Organic rose geranium essential oil

Produced by Like Mountains in South Africa's Lowveld, this rose geranium essential oil is distilled from rose geranium regeneratively cultivated by Like Mountains' predominantly female team.

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A shrub with powerfully rose-scented leaves, rose geranium is a hybrid of three Pelargonium species indigenous to South Africa (Pelargonium capitatum, P. radens, P. graveolens). Traditionally used as a flavorant and tobacco substitute, rose geranium was first commercialised for use as an essential oil in the perfume and cosmetics industry in the 1800s, when it was identified as a less costly substitute for attar of roses. The essential oil has a strong rose scent and striking green colour.

Like Mountains’ rose geranium is grown and distilled by their team of women in South Africa’s Klein Drakensberg mountains. Because the oil yield for rose geranium decreases annually, the plants must be replaced every third year: to supply this need, Like Mountains has established a nursery and produces their own organic seedlings. They harvest plant material every four to five months, depending on climatic conditions, and steam-distill onsite. 

Country of origin:

South Africa


Like Mountains

Harvesting season:

Every 4-5 months

Production method:


How it’s produced

Like Mountains is a developing producer of indigenous essential oils with a strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility.


Like Mountains is in the process of implementing regenerative agricultural methods to build and restore their soils. No synthetic agricultural chemicals are used and a combination of mulches and cover crops nourish and protect the soil. They apply compost, free range animal manures, organic vermitea and biochar. Their essential oil is fully traceable and certified organic against the European standard (EOS). 

Social impact

Like Mountains offers women from local communities the opportunity to engage in essential oil farmer training. After completing training, Like Mountains supports these women to begin independent production as outgrowers for the Like Mountains distillery in partnership with local NGOs.